Sick Policy

Fevers are common in young children and are often a signal that something is wrong.  If your child has a fever of 101.0F or higher, please keep him or her home.  If your child develops a fever of 101.0F or higher while in my care, you will be called to pick him/her up.  If your child’s fever is less than 101.0 F, you will be notified and you may express your wishes to the staff at that time.

My policy is that your child must remain free of fever for 24 hours before returning. The 24 hours begins when your child’s fever has broken and remains in a normal range.

Diarrhea and Vomiting
Diarrhea due to illness is highly contagious.  If your child has diarrhea, please keep him/her home.  If your child has 3 or more diarrhea episodes, or any uncontained diarrhea while in my care, you will be called to pick him/her up. It is very difficult to keep from spreading these germs to other children.

If your child vomits while in my care, you will be called immediately to pick him/her up.  Please keep your child at home until 24 hours after the vomiting has stopped.  When children return too soon, there is a much higher rate of recurrence and contagiousness.

Coughs and Colds

Colds are a common occurrence.  However, there are some symptoms that warrant keeping a child home.  These include, but are not limited to:  bad cold with hacking or persistent cough, green or yellow nasal drainage, productive cough with green or yellow phlegm being coughed up.  These symptoms may be present with or without a fever.

If your child has just a cold, please notify me and we can discuss the symptoms and whether or not your child should come to daycare.

A rash may be a sign of many illnesses, such as measles or chicken pox.  In infants, an external rash may be a sign that something is going on internally.  Please do not send your child to daycare with a rash until the doctor says it is O.K. to do so. If a rash appears while in my care, you will be called to pick your child up. 

Doctor’s O.K.
In some instances you will be asked to keep your child home until we have written permission from your doctor saying your child is well enough to return.  Please understand this is for your child’s well being along with the well being of other children and myself.

If your child  is prescribed medication, please keep your child home until they have completed 24 hours of antibiotic treatment.  If your child is to receive antibiotics while in my care, please bring in the labeled bottle from the pharmacy and a syringe or other measuring device.  I can administer antibiotics and other medications to your child with your written and signed consent.

Vacation and Personal Days

The Learning Spot will be closed on the following US Postal Holidays, which are paid holidays:
New Years Day
Martin Luther King, Jr Birthday (observed)
Washington's Birthday (observed)
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veteran's Day (observed)
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day