Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you cloth diaper friendly?

-Yes! Actually, I cloth diaper my own children. I will happily continue cloth diapering your child while in my care. However, if you choose to use disposables, I am happy either way. I do ask parents to provide diapers in either situation. 

2. What kind of cleaning agents do you use? 

-We use all natural, chemical free cleaners in our home and daycare. I know that children can have sensitive skin and other issues with toxins, so we keep them out of our house! We use orange infused vinegar as our all purpose cleaner as well as baking soda and other natural cleaners around the house. (Update: we are currently making the transition to using Melaleuca products in our home!)

3. Will you feed my child breastmilk? 

-Absolutely, if you desire your child to continue having breastmilk, as long as you provide it, your child will have it! I will be breastfeeding my own baby during daycare hours as well, so breastmilk is no issue here. In the same respect, if you would prefer your child to have soy, almond, or any other type of milk (other than cows, which is what we will provide), I am happy to give it to your child as long as you are willing to provide it. If you are bringing breastmilk for your child, please label it with their name and the date each day. 

4. Do you have any pets? 

-Yes, we have two small, completely house trained dachshunds, Gertie and Aggie, who are very well behaved and love children. They do have free roam of the house but will always be watched carefully around children. Dog food will be kept away from children's reach. Our dogs are up to date on all their shots.

5. How do you handle discipline?

-I believe that firm rules are important to children, and we will make sure that rules are reviewed every morning during circle time. Children will be expected to refrain from hitting, pushing, biting, etc. However, I recognize that sometimes toddler's frustrations will get the best of them and incidences will occur. If something happens, the child will be gently placed in time out, I will calmly talk to the child about what happened, ie: "I'm sorry you got frustrated but we don't hit our friends. You are in time out because you hit." and then the child will be asked to say sorry and play will resume. I will never spank or hit your child. Anytime an incident occurs, parents of all children involved will be notified at the end of the day. 

6. Can you accommodate food allergies?

-I am more than willing to accommodate any special food allergies your child might have. Just make sure that I'm aware of them and we'll keep them away!

7. Do you smoke?

-Nope! No one in my house smokes, and no smoking is allowed in or around my home or daycare. 

8. Will my child be allowed to play outside during the day? 

-Yes! We will play outside at least once (but usually more) every day as long as the weather permits!

9. Will my child be going anywhere with you?

-At this time, travel will not be a part of The Learning Spot. It is possible that field trips may be part of the curriculum in the future, however parents will be notified and permission forms will be requested before that ever happens. 

10. Will you give my children medicine?

-If you have a child who needs regular, daily medicine, I am willing to work something out with you as long as all required forms and permissions are filled out.

11. What is your experience and training in childcare?

-I have a lot of personal and educational experience with children as well as state mandated training. Please read the information about me (Madison) on the page titled About Madison to learn more.  

12. How much TV will my child be exposed to?

-I am not a huge fan of TV, so TV will not be turned on during play and learning times. Background music may be on during those times though. During nap time/quiet time I will put on a short, child appropriate, animated movie for children to lay down and watch as they fall asleep.